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Thank you for taking time to submit your idea. GeoGathering’s goal for 2015 is to provide attendees with top-notch presentations that will invoke conversation and inspire solid ideas for developing a geospatial data sharing strategy, no matter what the size of the organization.

Our selection process will weight operator presentations more heavily than vendor-only presentations because they focus on real-world, “in-the-trenches” scenarios. Any submitted vendor-only presentation MUST showcase an operator case study and MUST include educational handouts. Most presentations will be 30 minutes in length.

The 2015 GeoGathering Conference will focus on the value of enterprise GIS to improve safety, compliance, and communication. The Steering Committee is currently accepting abstracts on the following topics:

  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • GIS: At the Center of Pipeline Integrity
  • Integrating GIS with Other Systems
  • Applying Interstate Regulations Intrastate
  • PHMSA Strategies & Reporting
  • Extracting Value from PODS Data
  • Maintaining Measurement Compliance
  • Organizing GIS Data for Decision-Makers
  • Regulatory Climate Change
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Expand on your short abstract to give the steering committee more information about what you will cover. Make sure to discuss what the organization wants to achieve, the conditions controlling the decisions, broad overview of the plan, and any results.

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