Speaker Presentation in PDF format
Eric Giguere - Safety Awareness Solutions The Buried Truth Uncovered
Matt Bayne - Access Midstream Asset Visibility through Data Integrity
Kas Osterbuhr - Exosphere3D Leveraging distributed computing architectures and maintaining data security
Tom Coolidge - Esri Getting to "Go": Collecting and Managing Data for Environmental Permitting
Leigha Gooding - PHMSA PHMSA’s National Pipeline Mapping System: Protecting People and the Environment through GIS Standardization, Customization and Dissemination
Garry Keener - DCP Midstream Disconnected Solution from Vaporware to Production
Richard Couture - Noble Energy, Inc Growing Pains - Identifying a Strategy for Moving into an Era of the Niobrara
Jerry Ring - The Williams Companies Induced AC Corrosion by High Voltage Power Lines
Erik Potter - M3 Midstream, LLC
Wetherbee Dorshow - Earth Analytic, Inc.
Optimizing Pipeline Route Selection in the 21st Century
Kevin Miller - Summit Midstream Establishing a Pipeline GIS/Developing a Data Collection Strategy
Jason Wilson - SM Energy From the Field to the Corporate Office, How SM Energy Manages and Uses Pipeline Data
Mike Harris - Anadarko
Dr. Jan Van Sickle - Van Sickle, LLC
Change Accelerates! How Do We Keep Pace?
Mark Eiseman & Scott Kulinsky - DCP Midstream What will Mobile GIS Mean to the Business?
Jason Wilson - SM Energy
Jon Polay - VoyagerGIS
Reducing Complex Spatial Data Management Needs in an Upstream Oil & Gas Operations Team
Americo Gamarra - Hunt Oil A Client Oriented Strategy for Pipeline GIS Data Sharing
Monica Ferrer - Gas Technology Institute Mobile GIS for Mapping New Installations
Speaker Presentation in PDF format
Joe Monroe - Monroe Consultancy, LLC How Regulatory and Business Drivers are Reshaping North America’s Pipeline Infrastructure
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Mark James - Chesapeake Midstream
Jake Opdahl, CartoPac Field Solutions, Co-presenter
The Design & Deployment of an Enterprise Asset Data Collection Solution
Alicia Farag - Gas Technology Institute R&D Initiatives That Are Leveraging Consumer Technologies for Pipeline Operations
Geoff Osborn - BG-Group Achieving Integration Traction Through Personalized GIS Workspaces
Pete Large - Coalition Representative (Trimble) The Coalition to Save Our GPS: Why it exists, what it is doing and what you can do to help
Cameron Collins - Williams Midstream Leverage GIS Technology to Improve Processes and Reliability
Gerardo Chávez Saldierna - Pemex Refinicion, Mexico City
Mike Gloven, NRG Technologies, Co-presenter
Process Centric Integrity Management
Janet Sinclair - PODS Association Data Modeling for Gathering Systems
Tommy Thomas, Garry Keener and Trisha Menasco - DCP Midstream Field Data Integration with an Enterprise GIS
Landon Haack - SourceGas Applying Transmission Integrity/Data Management Techniques to Gathering Lines
Chris Hoidal - PHMSA Pipeline Regulatory Update
Speaker Presentation in PDF format
Richard Cargile - DCP Midstream The Perspective of Senior Management on the Strategic Value of Spatial Technology and Data Management
Ron Brush - New Century Software Survey Results: Challenges Facing Gathering Operators
Janet Sinclair - The PODS Association You Are Not Alone in the PODS Community
Eric Williams and Jane Lam - Chesapeake Midstream Rapid Growth and Damage Prevention: Our Journey Into One Call Automation Using GIS
Eric Bess and Zach Dorsey - Chesapeake Midstream A Case Study in GIS Usage for Pipeline Leak Detection Process Improvement and Efficiency
Nick Jenson - Devon Energy Corporation Asset Management Lifecycle from a Spatial Perspective
DeWitt Burdeaux - PHMSA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) Addressing the Regulation of all Rural Onshore Hazardous Liquid Low-Stress Pipelines
Sarah Beth Ringstaff and Judy Endris - Enbridge Energy
Michael Istre - Gregg Engineering
GIS and Hydraulic Simulation: Getting Them Talking To Each Other
Jan Van Sickle - DDSI Methods Used with GIS in the Construction, As-Builting and Data Management for Gas Gathering Lines in the Barnett Shale
Speaker Presentation in PDF format
Steve Cooper - PPDM Association GIS and Information Management
Sheila Wilson - PODS Association Using PODS for Gathering Systems
Matt Shetzer - Petroleum Field Services
Glenn Vlass - CartoPac Field Solutions
Maximizing GIS Field Data for the Ever Changing Oil and Gas Regulations
Michael Harris - Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Ted Tomes - Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
The Route to Pipeline Management Nirvana?!
Robert Kipp - CommonGround Alliance The Status of CGA Damage Prevention Initiatives
Michael Ollom - DCP Midstream One Call Using Spatial Buffers
Somnath Yedlapally - Sunoco Logistics The Role of GIS in an Effective Integrity Management Program
Ashley Gorham - BP North America Gas Strategic Performance Unit
Josh Pendleton - Dynamic Risk Assessment Systems, Inc
Maximizing the Value of your Data to Support Integrity Management
Kent Muhlbauer - WKM Consultancy Using GIS to Optimize Gathering Line Operations and Maintenance - A Risk Based Approach
Speaker Presentation in PDF format
Tom Miesner - Miesner, LLC U. S. Pipelines; Past, Present, and Prognostications
Rob Brook - ESRI Gathering GIS – What You Need to Know to Play the Game
Michael Harris – Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Is Strategic DATA Stuck in My PIPELINE?
Clay Noble - Targa Resources
Michael Istre - Gregg Engineering
Integrating GIS with Pipeline Simulation Software
Melissa Denney - Oxy, Inc. Implementing a Pipeline GIS for both Production Gathering and Transmission pipelines
Mauricio Baquero - Centurion Pipeline LP Using GIS in Gathering Lines at Centurion Pipelines
Bill Balin - The Pipeline Group Public Awareness and Regulatory Requirements
Peter Moreau - Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Sharon Davis Rogan - Spatial Solutions Group
Oil and Gas Regulatory Mapping and GeoSpatial Data Modeling
James Gazewood - Bureau of Land Management BLM’s New Regulations for Submission of Geospatial Data for O&G Projects
Speaker Presentation in PDF format
Dr. Joseph K. Berry - Berry & Associates Not Your Grandfather’s Map
Anita Cuevas - DCP Midstream Determining if your Onshore Gas Gathering line is Regulated
Mike Harris - Anadarko Petroleum Corporation What’s in the pipeline for Midstream? – A quest to implement and leverage GIS
Mike Mixter - BP America Effective Distribution and Spatial Confidence Tracking of GIS data – One Organization’s Approach
Wetherbee Dorshow - Earth Analytic, Inc. Lightweight and Effective Field Office GIS Solutions: An EnCana Example
Kevin Olson - DCP Midstream How to leverage your GIS application to reduce operational costs
Scott Hills - Chevron Energy Technology Co. The Drive for Operational Excellence in Pipeline Operations
Bill Byrd - RCP GIS Applications for DOT Regulatory Compliance
Kimbra Davis - DOT/PHMSA/Office of Pipeline Safety Low Stress Liquid Gathering Lines
Rob Brook - ESRI Enterprise GIS Integration - What Does It Mean for Pipeline Operators And What Are The Advantages
Leith McDonald - BP BP Mardi Gras System