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Wetherbee is president and owner of Earth Analytic, Inc., a Santa Fe, New Mexico consulting firm founded in January 2000, specializing in the design, implementation, use and management of geographic information systems for natural and cultural resource projects. Wetherbee has over 18 years of experience as a professional archaeologist and GIS specialist.

During the early years at EAI, Wetherbee directed a series of major archaeological survey and excavation projects for the US Army Corps of Engineers at the Pueblo of Santa Ana in Bernalillo, NM. Wetherbee and the EAI team have built customized GIS/GPS mapping and analysis systems for ranches covering over two million acres in the southwestern and central US. Between between 2003 and 2005, Wetherbee helped engineer an ArcGIS geoprocessing and modeling system for The Trust For Public Land's (TPL) Greenprinting analysis framework. Other key TPL projects included GPS-based mapping of trees in the East Little Havana neighborhood, the King County Washington Greenprint, and the Connecticut River Forests and Farmlands study.

Since founding EAI in 2000, Wetherbee has provided consulting services for major engineering and energy companies including Trigon EPC, Devon Energy, Amvest Corporation and Encana Oil & Gas (USA). GPS-based inventory of gas gathering infrastructure is a key component of these natural resources projects, which entail the integration of geological, environmental sensitivity and land status data in enterprise GIS systems. Leveraging partnerships with ESRI and Latitude Geographics, Inc., Wetherbee develops and supports a variety of advanced internet-based GIS systems, including an archaeological information system for the State of Vermont and a mapping interface for TPL's LandVote database. Other recent EAI projects headed by Wetherbee include conservation priority analysis in the Galiseo Basin, working with the Santa Fe Conservation Trust and Earth Works Institute, and statewide archaeological sensitivity modeling for the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation.

In addition to his responsibilities as EAI's director, Wetherbee is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at the University of New Mexico. Using terrestrial LIDAR and specialized software, his doctoral research entails the development of a server-based GIS environment for modeling terrain and surface hydrology in prehistoric archaeological contexts at Chaco Canyon, NM.

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