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Is Strategic Data Stuck In My Pipeline?

Significant information is literally embedded (or stuck) in the pipeline systems we install; details not only on “where” something is located, but more importantly on “what” it is. Just as freeing a stuck a pig will unblock a line, freeing or liberating this stuck information provides for better decision making and improved operations. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is moving forward with a corporate data management solution based on the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) to warehouse, maintain, serve-up, and integrate critical information on its horizontal assets.

At first glance the title of this presentation may appear to be a bit confusing, or not actually being reflective of the content. However, on further examination we shall see it is properly phrased to question, inspire, and address the issues at hand; namely “liberating and leveraging infrastructure information”. When a pipeline pig (a device to clean or inspect) is displaced through a pipeline and becomes stuck a number of unpleasant events occur: flow ceases, pressures rise, revenue decreases, and “controlled” chaos ensues. Teams are dispatched to find the errant pig, access the situation and resolve it as quickly as possible by freeing the offender…if, after all, its location can be ascertained.

This presentation will discuss the motivating forces for this project, the goals being pursued, the methodology, and the challenges encountered to date.

Speaker Biography

Michael Harris graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in chemical engineering and started his career with FMC’s Inorganic Chemical Division. However, the allure of the petroleum industry was too much, and after completing a master’s degree, started work with the Oil and Gas Division of the Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) in Hobbs, New Mexico. Various assignments over the next ten years in Drilling, Production, Reservoir, Facilities, and Pipelines provided unique growth and experience opportunities around the Permian Basin and Rockies, including a secondment to ARCO Pipeline Company as technical lead over the Sheep Mountain CO2 Pipeline.

Michael left ARCO in 1994 to join a growing independent, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. Since that time he has served in various engineering and project management positions in diverse geographical regions for both on- and off-shore developments. International assignments have included North Africa, Alaska, Guatemala, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Michael has provided operations planning, guidance, and project leadership for major developments such as the Hassi Berkine oil fields of the Algerian desert, and the Al Rayyan complex in the Arabian Gulf, offshore Qatar.

Currently, Michael is an Engineering Manager in the Midstream division of Anadarko, based in The Woodlands, Texas with responsibilities for gathering and transmission systems in the southern USA. He is a member of AIChE, SPE, PMI, and GITA. In his leisure time Michael enjoys travel, sporting clays, and sailing.

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Michael Harris
Engineering Manager
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

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