2008 Presentation

Gathering GIS - What You Need to Know to Play the Game

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a proven technology that can simplify existing work flows, enhance inter-department communication and information sharing, facilitate a cooperative work environment, empower staff with sophisticated yet easy to use analysis tools, and glue enterprise services together. While these advantages are obvious, many companies find them difficult to achieve because GIS does not come with an implementation guide to help an organization navigate the many potential pitfalls. A lack of experienced guidance is particularly devastating in industries such as gathering where GIS is a new technology. This presentation will focus on the key decisions that an organization must make through the selection and implementation processes and the options available at important crossroads.

Speaker Biography

With over 15 years of experience, Rob brings a unique set of skills and experiences to his Industry Management role at ESRI. Rob has seen many sides of the GIS and pipeline industries having served in positions with consultants firms, software and service vendors, and government and non profit agencies. In his current role, he is responsible for exposing ESRI to the pipeline industry and lobbying for their needs. This is coupled with acting as the global point of contact for pipeline marketing activities, and existing and prospective ESRI pipeline clients.  Rob is currently the Chair of ESRI’s Pipeline Industry Group, a member of the ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model steering committee, and a member of GITA’s pipeline ITAC group.

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Rob Brook
Pipeline Industry Manager

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