2008 Presentation

U. S. Pipelines; Past, Present, and Prognostications

Pipeline ownership, regulations, stakeholder expectations, and technology experienced unprecedented change during the past twenty years – and the next twenty years promise more of the same. In his keynote presentation, industry veteran Tom Miesner will look at the events that have shaped the pipeline industry and analyze current trends to prognosticate the future of the pipeline industry. With a special emphasis on gathering lines, this insightful presentation is sure to get the audience thinking as they prepare for the balance of the conference.

Speaker Biography

Tom Miesner is widely regarded as a pipeline expert. During his twenty five year career with Conoco Pipe Line Company he learned the business from an operating company perspective, holding multiple engineering, operations, joint-venture, and business development positions. He also served eleven years as an officer of the company, five as Vice President and six as President. Conoco Pipeline, under Tom’s leadership was also an early adopter of risk based asset integrity and developed and deploying an Operations Excellence System patterned after Process Safety Management but configured for the pipeline business.

Active participation in industry associations such as the Association of Oil Pipelines where Tom served on its executive committee for five years including terms as Vice Chairman and Chairman, and the API Pipeline Committee where he held multiple leadership roles, gave Tom a broad understanding of the industry perspective. He also served as the industry sponsor for the Office of Pipeline Safety Mapping Team and has also worked extensively with FERC in areas of liquid pipeline rate matters. Tom has served on the faculty of Northwestern University’s Transportation Institute, presented on a variety of topics at industry conferences, and provides a two day short course covering all aspects of the pipeline industry.

In early 2004 Tom went into private practice consulting which has provided another unique perspective on the industry. He is the author of the popular book Oil and Gas Pipelines in Non-Technical Language and co-author of the PRCI report The Role of Energy Pipelines and Research in the United States, both published in 2006. Tom is an active student of the industry and is currently working on another book for PennWell publishing tentatively titled The Final Mile, Natural Gas Distribution Pipelines in Non-Technical Language. Tom’s practice areas include pipeline education, business development, valuations, and other economic matters, litigation consulting and expert testimony.

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