2009 Presentation

Maximizing the Value of your Data to Support Integrity Management

The move from traditional data collection and storage to electronic database/model based storage for oil and gas gathering systems requires several key steps to ensure fluid movement of data from field to database. If this workflow is not carefully planned, initiated, and maintained, much of the potential value from the data will not be realized. This presentation aims to illustrate the results of a well designed workflow combined with automated processes that will ensure that the data collected in the field can be easily organized, accessed, analyzed and exported from a central database to support overall pipeline integrity management.

Learn about the GIS-based solution that BP has implemented on their gas gathering system throughout the continental US to support a comprehensive risk assessment strategy.

Speaker Biography - Ashley Gorham

Ashley has worked in the Oil and Gas industry in various technical and managerial roles for 16 years both domestically and abroad. Most recently, he has worked for BP developing pipeline, wellsite and downhole risk models using geospatial information to help determine potential consequences. Ashley has a BA from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and is a member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers.

Speaker Biography - Josh Pendleton

Mr. Pendleton is a Project Manager at Dynamic Risk Assessment Systems, Inc. in Calgary, Canada. Mr. Pendleton’s primary responsibilities have been focused on upstream pipeline data management and integration in both the US and Canada. Dynamic Risk’s core focus is pipeline and facility integrity management; risk assessment and ILI management with 40 professionals dedicated to this area.

Mr. Pendleton has a B.A. degree from the University of Saskatchewan and a Bachelor of GIS degree from SAIT Polytechnic and current member of the GITA as well as a past member of the Alberta Geomatics Group.

Mr. Pendleton presented a paper on the role of GIS in meeting regulatory requirements for Canadian upstream gathering systems at GeoTec 2007. Mr. Pendleton continues to be keenly interested in providing data management and integration solutions for the constantly changing upstream pipeline industry.

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Ashley Gorham
Senior Corrosion Specialist and Technical Authority
BP North America Gas Strategic Performance Unit


Joshua Pendleton
GIS Specialist
Dynamic Risk Assessment Systems

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