2009 Presentation

One Call Reporting Using Spatial Buffers

DCP Midstream gathers raw natural gas through 60,000 miles of gathering pipe in major natural gas regions. The company recently underwent an initiative to eliminate the use of ΒΌ sections and 15-second grids as a means to create coverage for their pipelines to submit to One Call agencies. The original process created excess coverage for their pipelines and was extremely tedious. In its place, DCP Midstream converted to a buffer system that took advantage of the spatial accuracy of their pipeline system and produced much smaller coverage areas.

Join Michael Ollom with DCP Midstream as he describes the process of converting to this new system, recent progress to automatically maintain the buffers, and plans for future enhancements to the system.

Speaker Biography

Michael Ollom started his career in Information Technology in 1989, but transitioned to GIS in 2006. He has worked in the Gas Industry since 2000 with Duke Energy Field Services, which has become DCP Midstream. Michael is currently automating OneCall Buffer updates into SDE and working with the transition team to upgrade from PODS 2.0 to 4.02 with ArcGIS Server 9.2/9.3 as the delivery system. He received his Geographic Information System Certification from the University of Denver in 2007.

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Michael Ollom
GIS Analyst
DCP Midstream

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