2009 Presentation

Using PODS for Gathering Systems

With the increase in regulatory requirements for gathering systems, the need for a standard data model has increased significantly. The standard developed by the PODS Association has been in use for gathering systems within multiple companies for several years. The integration of gathering and transmission systems is relatively simple as demonstrated by these companies. This presentation will give an overview of the PODS Association, the use of the data model with respect to gathering, and how the data model is currently used in gathering systems.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Wilson joined the PODS Association in 2006. Her primary responsibility is to meet the needs of the members by coordinating between the Board of Directors, the Technical Committee, and the members. She coordinates between the Technical Committee and the Board of Directors and addresses technical questions presented by the members. She also organizes the annual PODS User Group Meetings, coordinates the efforts of working groups, and oversees the day to day operations of the association.

Dr. Wilson has been in the pipeline industry for approximately six years with more than ten years experience in GIS. She was a Senior GIS Analyst for the integrity management group at CITGO Petroleum, working on transmission pipelines. Her primary responsibilities included pipeline risk assessment data collection and analysis, analysis of inline inspection reports with respect to HCA’s, and data collection and maintenance on the pipeline GIS. Previous to CITGO, Dr. Wilson worked at ONEOK, where she converted the legacy pipeline data for the gathering system into a GIS from Autocad and alignment sheets.

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Sheila Wilson, Ph.D., GISP
Executive Director
PODS Association

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