2009 Presentation

Maximizing GIS Field Data for the Ever Changing Oil and Gas Regulations

During this session the presenters will discuss how to maximize GIS data for multiple oil and gas projects by utilizing field data and streamlining the work flow processes needed to meet state and federal regulations.

We will be presenting lessons learned from supporting multiple oil and gas companies, starting with field collection practices to the final permitting process, utilizing improvements in GPS equipment, and the diverse needs of customers meeting multiple demands on the same data. As a case study, Mr. Shetzer will present an overview of the new Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) regulations for well permitting and the strategies being used to assist operations in complying with the new regulations and achieving timely results.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will have a detailed explanation of the GIS resources and requirements of the COGCC
  • Attendees should have a better understanding of how other companies have gone about meeting certain regulations and best practices
  • After the presentation, attendees should be able to identify the advantages in implementing mobile technology that is in compliance with pre-defined regulations and learn how field data can be used to more effectively manage assets.

Speaker Biography - Matt Shetzer

Matt Shetzer, GIS Manager for Petroleum Field Services, is responsible for field data collection and analysis projects for the oil and gas industry. Matt utilizes GIS to manage all aspects of the projects, and to effectively supply spatial data for Regulatory, Operations, Survey, Engineering and Asset Management departments. Matt has 12 years experience in the geospatial industry with a background in IT Networking systems. Matt resides in Denver, CO and is passionate about spending time in the outdoors, normally with a GPS in tow.

Speaker Biography - Glenn Vlass

Glenn Vlass is the president and co-Founder of CartoPac Field Solutions. Focused on field data collection using the CartoPac suite of technologies, Glenn has worked with small companies to large corporations in all phases of integrating field data with the GIS and other operational databases. Glenn graduated from Western State College in central Colorado with degrees in Geology and Business Administration and has 20 years in the geospatial industry. He has spent extensive time in Alaska, Wyoming, and Colorado performing field surveys for exploration, permitting, mining and reclamation. He lives with his wife and three daughters in Fort Collins Colorado.

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Matt Shetzer
GIS Manager
Petroleum Field Services

Glenn Vlass
CartoPac Field Solutions

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