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You Are Not Alone in the PODS Community

Janet Sinclair is the new Executive Director of the PODS Association. She is excited to debut some of PODS’ key 2010 initiatives to provide practical and transparent connection within our pipeline peer community. The PODS community is a diverse group of small, medium, and large pipeline operators, service providers, and government agencies. PODS is introducing several member-only web-based communication forums to facilitate quick and responsive collaboration within and access to our pipeline peer community.

The Pipeline Open Data Standards (PODS) Association is a not-for-profit industry standards association which develops and maintains the PODS Data Model, and data- interchange standards for the pipeline industry. The PODS Relational Data Model includes 652 Tables, 198 Sub Models , and nearly 5,000 Columns to house data records critical to centerline maintenance, GIS, integrity management, inspection, maintenance, risk management, and compliance. The PODS Relational Data Model is supported for both Oracle and SQL RDBMS, and PODS may also be spatially implemented in the ESRI Geodatabase and Oracle Spatial. Currently over 100 member companies, including the world’s largest petroleum corporations, maintain millions of records for hundreds of thousands of miles of gas and liquids pipelines in the PODS Data Model. PODS is widely used in transmission and gathering, onshore and offshore, in the US and internationally.

Speaker Biography

Janet has nearly 20 years experience in design, construction, and operations in the oil and gas industries. Before joining The PODS Association, Janet supervised the GIS and Operations Engineering Departments at Questar Gas Management, a natural gas gathering and processing company in the rocky mountain region. Janet holds a degree in Chemical Engineering, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in California and Utah.

Janet lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband Steve and daughter Emily.

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Janet Sinclair, P. E.
Executive Director
The PODS Association

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