2010 Presentation

Asset Management Lifecycle from a Spatial Perspective

This presentation will provide an overview of Devon’s legacy approach to managing midstream assets and their spatial components. They will then discuss how their current spatial technology strategies are laying the framework for managing assets throughout their lifecycle in a semi-structured process environment. Finally, Devon will share their plans to integrate common tasks across the company concerning asset management and leverage Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions.

General topics pertaining to gathering pipeline lifecycle will include:

  • Right-of-Way (ROW)
  • Construction
  • Pipeline Operations\Maintenance
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Data Collection
  • Work Processes
  • Data Integration

Speaker Biography

Nick Jenson, 34, has been a GIS Specialist within the Marketing & Midstream Division at Devon Energy since 2005. He was the lead in the correction of pipeline assets in the initial population of Marketing & Midstream assets into PODS. Nick currently serves on the internal committee for pipeline governance, and has recently taken on the responsibilities as the Division lead for the GIS department of Marketing & Midstream.

He previously worked for a digital navigation company which has given Nick exclusive knowledge of every major road within Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and much of Louisiana. Nick also has been employed within regional government in Georgia managing five counties and working as a liaison with local governments for creating their own GIS departments.

Beyond his professional experiences, Nick has matriculated from Utah State University where he was a collegiate ice hockey goalie.

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Nick Jenson
GIS Specialist
Devon Energy Corporation

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