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GIS and Hydraulic Simulation: Getting Them Talking To Each Other

The use of GIS systems and hydraulic simulation software has become common place with gas gatherers over the last decade. Most gas gatherers have identified a need to integrate the two systems to share the data between them. The most common of these integration needs is the ability to create and maintain hydraulic models using the GIS system. This presentation will cover the most common issues that arise from integrating these two systems such as:

  • Where pipes need to be split for the modeler?
  • What GIS features (valves, compressors, etc.) need to be in the model?
  • GIS issues that prevent the creation of a hydraulic model
  • Conversion of point features, such as valves to legs, for hydraulic simulation

Speaker Biography - Sarah Beth Ringstaff

Sarah Beth Ringstaff is a GIS Analyst at Enbridge Energy in Houston, Texas. After studying Studio Art at the University of Alabama, Sarah accumulated over 10 years of GIS experience with Gas Transportation, Gas Distribution, and facilities. At Enbridge, Sarah Beth is responsible for the creation of all mapping, reporting and analytical work using GIS tools. She uses the Enbridge Pipeline Data Management System for editing, and storing of spatial data. Enbridge’s Gas Transportation business is comprised of Natural Gas Transmission and Gathering both onshore and offshore. Sarah Beth is also a Credited Photographer at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.

Speaker Biography - Judy Endris

Judy joined Enbridge in June 2007 as their Sr. Hydraulic Modeler working primarily with their gathering and processing systems in Texas. Judy has worked with hydraulic models both in Canada and the US over the last 13+ years, from distribution systems to gathering systems to transmission systems. She has also worked with the Marketing and DOT Compliance groups and understands the importance of centralized data and data sharing. While with the DOT Compliance group at El Paso for 3+ years, she worked closely with the GIS / Engineering group and acquired an appreciation for the importance of correct data and communicating the information to other applications. Judy has a degree in Municipal Engineering Technology (Civil Emphasis) and a BS in Construction Management.

Speaker Biography - Michael L. Istre

Michael L. Istre is the Director of Software Development at Gregg Engineering in Sugar Land (Houston), Texas. He has been with Gregg Engineering for 15 years and is responsible for the WinFlow and WinTran product lines. At Gregg Engineering, Michael’s responsibilities include all aspects of the simulator’s design from the interfaces to the hydraulic run engines as well as their integration with external software. He has been developing Windows based programs for Gregg Engineering since the early 1990’s and was instrumental in bringing the first Windows based pipe simulator to the market. Michael is a graduate of Texas A&M with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

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Sarah Beth Ringstaff
GIS Analyst
Enbridge Energy


Judy Endris
Sr. Hydraulic Modeler
Enbridge Energy

Michael L. Istre
Director, Software Development
Gregg Engineering

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