2011 Presentation

Process Centric Integrity Management

Pemex Refinicion operates more than 14,000 km of hazardous liquid, LPG and crude oil on-shore and off-shore pipelines throughout Mexico. Pemex has in place a comprehensive set of practices and technology to manage their pipeline and facility integrity programs. These practices are incorporated into Pemex NORMS or standards, and the technologies include Esri GIS, SQL Server based enterprise data management, SharePoint based field data collection, and proprietary risk and integrity applications.

The complexity and requirements of the integrity program and supporting systems led Pemex to implement a process centric approach to manage integrity utilizing off-the-shelf cloud based process technology. Pemex uses this technology and its associated practices to orchestrate all company and contractor cross-functional work and systems to ensure work is being efficiently executed while key performance indicators are being managed on a near-real time basis. This KPI focus provides improved transparency, speed and continuous improvement in addressing integrity, schedule, cost, risk and work issues. This presentation will provide an overview of the Pemex process centric system highlighting technical and practice capabilities.

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Gerardo Chávez Saldierna
Pemex Refinicion, Mexico City

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