2011 Presentation

Achieving Integration Traction Through Personalized GIS Workspaces

Within BG Group, there are a lot of different business groups with different mandates on major project. The question is ‘how do we know to what degree we are supporting them in their decisions?’ This presentation will address:

  • Tiered GIS support model exists (maps, intranet GIS, desktop GIS, mobile devices).
  • Education model also exists (‘lunch and learn’)
  • Intranet GIS (500+ users) biggest unknown (‘what are people really using this for and how useful is it’. ‘How do we know we are supporting people with intranet tools’)
  • A need to capture their discipline knowledge and decision requirements
  • Some people should not have access to some information.
  • All information is too much, and too unfocussed for any single individual (eg 700+layers)
  • A central meta database records relationships between business groups, business decisions and required information (layers/workspaces)
  • The intranet GIS is provisioned from this central meta database.
  • Change managers sit in meetings to observe use of system and improve match of workspaces to business discussions
  • Intranet spatial search terms are logged and investigated – low hit search results are flagged and discussed with searcher. Vocabulary/controlled terms improved
  • The result is a centrally manageable and analytical system that allow the recording of business requirements, and measurement of the fit between intranet GIS and business requirements.

Speaker Biography

Geoff’s 20 years in the GIS/Spatial industry has seen him develop many solutions, methodologies and processes for enterprises within the Asia Pacific region. From mapping policy impact to seafloor mineral exploration to the LNG sector, he has applied a range of spatial science approaches to overcoming business problems.

He is currently tasked to advise Gas industry leaders in the Australian market to implement improvements in business productivity, decision support, business compliance and quality.

His expertise and contribution back to the industry has also made Geoff a respected advisor to professionals and academics within the industry at large.

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Geoff Osborn

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