2011 Presentation

The Design & Deployment of an Enterprise Asset Data Collection Solution

The Chesapeake Midstream GIS and Survey groups executed a project to standardize asset field data collection and provide a direct connection to import that data into the enterprise geodatabase. With over 12,000 miles of pipeline to be verified using in-house resources and contract surveyors, it was vital to create a standard data storage format. Additionally, the project required the team to minimize the time needed to train existing in-house personnel for data collection.

Project goals were to: develop a forms-based method of GPS data collection built from the standard data dictionary required of the contract surveyors; provide a data storage model in ArcSDE to centralize all incoming data; minimize or eliminate the need to install GPS data processing software; utilize a web-based interface with direct connections to ArcSDE; and, provide a real-time solution for viewing published data. A future project enhancement includes building a web viewer utilizing Esri’s Silverlight API.

Speaker Biography - Mark James

Mark James is a GIS Analyst for Chesapeake Midstream with 17 years experience as a Professional Land Surveyor and is licensed in Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma. He has over 12 years experience utilizing GPS in building high accuracy control networks to mapping utility and pipeline infrastructure for GIS integration. He also has over 5 years experience in GIS working in cadastral and utility mapping for public utilities and more recently in pipeline gathering systems.

Speaker Biography - Jake Opdahl

Since joining CartoPac Field Solutions in 2007, Jake Opdahl has helped support the company’s goal to provide successful field data collection solutions to a broad range of markets and customers. With extensive experience in both field data collection and GIS analysis, Mr. Opdahl has helped customers in, Oil & Gas, Municipalities, and Natural Resources implement efficient field data collection solutions with tangible results. Mr. Opdahl has a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Management with a minor in Spatial Information Management Systems from Colorado State University and has over nine years of experience in management, GIS Analysis, technical support and GPS data collection.

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Mark James
GIS Analyst
Chesapeake Midstream

Jake Opdahl
GIS Analyst
CartoPac Field Solutions

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