2013 Presentation

Optimizing Pipeline Route Selection in the 21st Century

The process of selecting the pipeline routes one of the most important steps a pipeline company takes in developing or growing a system. The careful selection of a route pays out positive dividends for many years. This presentation focuses on the use of multi-criteria raster suitability analysis to calculate optimal corridors for pipeline route selection. This “SmartFootprint” approach balances the consideration of economic, environmental and risk factors through a standardized methodology that is flexible, repeatable, and defensible.

This paper presents a case study that highlights the iterative nature of the route selection process, involving cycles of data collection, enhancement and validation enhanced by low-cost UAV technology. We also describe the utility of automated reporting (e.g. dynamic ROW line-list and elevation profile generation) and construction cost calculations for evaluating alternate route selection. Attendees will walk away with a new angle of thinking on routing pipelines.

Speaker Biography - Erik Potter

Erik Potter is a Geospatial Technologist and Entrepreneur. He currently serves as the GIS Coordinator for Momentum Energy and M3 Midstream LLC based in Durango Colorado. Erik has 21-years of geospatial experience. In 1993 he founded a GPS field inventory company serving the Electric utility, Oil & Gas and Energy industries. He went on to found and sell two GIS consulting firms (Landmark Geographic Services and GeoNav Group International). He has a BS in Business Management from Colorado State University, is a formerly certified US Navy Submariner and an Eagle Scout. Erik has a passion for sharing knowledge and working with all things spatial.

Speaker Biography - Wetherbee Dorshow

Wetherbee is President of Earth Analytic, Inc., an environmental and archaeological consulting firm specializing in enterprise geospatial solutions for the energy industry. Wetherbee is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Anthropology Department at the University of New Mexico and a full member of the Sigma Xi Scientific Society. Wetherbee is currently focused on UAV and terrestrial LiDAR technologies. Wetherbee also serves as Executive Director of The GIS Institute.

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Erik Potter
GIS Coordinator
M3 Midstream, LLC

Wetherbee Dorshow
Earth Analytic, Inc.

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