2013 Presentation

Induced AC Corrosion by High Voltage Power Lines

Induced AC corrosion by high voltage power lines is the focus of this presentation. The project is the culmination of studies, research, analysis, maps, and statistics produced by Jerry Ring and is representative of work under Williams, and its GIS and Pipeline Integrity department. As required by Williams’ Operations & Maintenance Manual, procedure titled “Induced AC Corrosion”; this procedure identifies a unique natural phenomenon of probable corrosion occurring within the pipeline industry, where the combination of steel pipe and specific external coatings intersect high voltage power lines.

The criteria's involve: a buffer of 500 feet from the center of the pipeline encompassing coatings of Fusion Bonded Epoxy or Pritec, and high voltage power lines greater than 60 kilovolts. While their criterion is basic, the execution proved challenging with 10,755 pipeline miles; causing adjustments on how the analysis is conducted. Challenges involved projection accuracies, changing the source of centerline from the pipeline to the power lines, producing a proven workflow, how to organize results (between a location map, buffers, and records) intuitively utilizing ESRI’s Dynamic Pages (ie. Map Books), producing and organizing statistics, map design decisions, and producing the project as a book for two audiences.

Learning objectives:

  • How to further mitigate a company's AC Corrosion risk, while saving time & money.
  • How to locate, quantify, and visualize plausible existence of AC Corrosion.
  • What types of geospatial analysis used to complete the analysis.

Speaker Biography

Since joining Williams in 2005, Jerry Ring has become an experienced and passionate GIS/Integrity Analyst professional with notable success in researching and developing a broad range of corporate GIS initiatives; while spearheading or participating in the research, development, analysis, maps, media, and/or implementation of various solutions toward business objectives.

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