2013 Presentation

What will Mobile GIS mean to the Business?

Historically, mobile solutions (tablets, GPS, etc.) have been viewed as data collection and data review mechanisms in the field. Fully integrated mobile solutions with real-time data were pipe dreams. Mobile GIS is in the process of not only evolutionary change, but on the brink of revolutionary influence on how business is done. Our presentation will examine the impacts that mobility, GIS, and mobile GIS will have on the business enterprise. Careful consideration of IT infrastructure, business workflows, security, and organizational education are required for effective deployment strategies. These factors, tools, and available technologies will be discussed to assist attendees in developing their own strategies for successful development, integration, and deployment of mobility solutions within their organization.

Speaker Biography - Mark Eiseman

Mark Eiseman is the GIS Architect for DCP Midstream in Denver, Colorado. He is currently developing, integrating, and implementing new technologies into the existing DCP Midstream enterprise GIS system. His specialties span GIS, GPS, and mobile development, data collection and management, system design and implementation, and web development.

Mark's technical experience is derived from the application of GIS within multiple industries for over the past 14 years, including environmental, human health, local government, oil & gas, public utilities, transportation, and urban planning.  Mark has developed and implemented projects that have incorporated various technologies to support air dispersion modeling, groundwater and surface water modeling, construction/demolition activities, site selection modeling, brownfield inventories, transportation networks and models, and providing GIS support for litigation experts in occupational and human health cases.  Over the past few years, Mark has focused his efforts towards designing and implementing GIS-based systems that add value to the overall strategic and decision support systems for organizations.

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Mark Eiseman
GIS Architect
DCP Midstream


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DCP Midstream

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