2013 Presentation

Mobile GIS for Mapping New Installations

Advanced mobile GIS tools are creating new opportunities for automating field data collection for new installations and routine operations. This presentation will describe and demonstrate a new system developed by GTI to use mobile GIS, cloud computing, smart phones, real time sub-foot accurate GPS, and barcode scanning to dramatically improve data quality and decrease back-office processing for field collected data. GIS data is created directly in an Esri environment with GPS and barcode data that can be transmitted to the back-office in real time. Case studies and lessons learned from recent implementations will be included.

Speaker Biography

Monica Ferrer is a project manager in the Infrastructure Sector at the Gas Technology Institute. She is responsible for managing various research projects related to the natural gas industry, including areas in mobile GIS, GPS, and automated/electronic data capture methods. Ms. Ferrer earned her degree in Environmental Science from Loyola University Chicago and is working on her MBA at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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Monica Ferrer
Project Manager
Gas Technology Institute

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