2013 Presentation

Growing Pains - Identifying a Strategy for Moving into an Era of the Niobrara

In the early 2000’s, Patina Oil & Gas was a company of a few hundred people active in the DJ Basin. That all changed in 2005 when Patina was acquired by Noble Energy. Noble Energy operates in 5 Core Areas and has increased their level of Operations in the DJ Basin to previously unseen levels. As the company has grown, GIS has become an integral part of not only mapping but also of Data Management and Distribution. The use of GIS has expanded its use in the Land Department, Operations, EHSR, as well as in Infrastructure and Facilities.

As Noble has seen an increased level of Operations we have been playing catch up in dealing with legacy pipeline and infrastructure data. We are currently in the process of developing workflows that allow for us to integrate data of all types and from all walks of accuracy and completeness. There are many obstacles of note including communication between groups, levels of data requirements, and most importantly varying budget concerns. The goal is to find a level of synergy that allows for necessary standards in data collection, data management, and data distribution. Our belief is that GIS technology is the standard bearer and the only choice for moving toward a day when all levels of the company get exactly what they need.

Speaker Biography

Rick is a Sr. GIS Systems Analyst with Noble Energy's GIS Services group and has been with the company since 2005.  He obtained his Master's from the University of Colorado at Denver in 2009 (MEng-GIS option).  Rick has been a member of the Oil and Gas community since 2003 holding positions in Operations and GIS.  He has done a great deal of work developing ways to capture data in the field and to integrate this data into the corporate workflows.  At the office, his interests include Data Collection and Management, Mentoring others, and finding new ways of delivering information to end-users.  When not in the office, his interests include Mountain Biking, Fly-fishing, Hiking, and pretty much anything one can do outside.

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Richard Couture
Sr. GIS Systems Analyst
Noble Energy, Inc

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