2013 Presentation

Getting to "Go": Collecting and Managing Data for Environmental Permitting

Any operator desiring to construct and operate a gathering system pipeline needs permits or approvals from a number of federal, state and local agencies before they can proceed. These permits or approvals are intended to assure that pipeline construction and operation will not adversely impact air, water and land quality, or wildlife, aquatic species, plant life or sensitive habitat. GIS is an ideal platform to support the breadth and depth of data required to demonstrate that a gathering system pipeline can be constructed and operated in compliance with these environmental permitting requirements.

This paper will provide an overview of how GIS can connect data originally collected and acquired from disparate sources to a common geographic view through which all involved in the permitting process can collaborate. It also will look at how GIS enables spatial analysis on that integrated data to reveal new data, trends and patterns. Finally, it will discuss how data and results can be shared widely in an intuitive visual format.

Speaker Biography

As Pipeline and Gas Utility Industry Manager, Tom oversees Esri's marketing outreach efforts to those industries and the various associations and other collective bodies that represent or govern them. He also is responsible for community building, research, and the identification of solution needs. Prior to joining Esri, Tom for more than 26 years was a leader in the business unit that develops and licenses Stoner SoftwareTM. Tom is a past president of GITA, and currently is a member of the AGA T&DE Committee.

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Tom Coolidge
Pipeline and Gas Utility Industry Manager

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