2009 Presentation

Using GIS to Optimize Gathering Line Operations and Maintenance - A Risk Based Approach

A new generation of pipeline risk assessment algorithms has emerged to not only meet the new requirements of IMP but also provide new insight into all aspects of pipelining. Modern risk assessment is an underpinning for all phases of any pipeline's life: from concept, thru design, and as on-going decision support for operations and maintenance. The direct costs associated with various alternatives have always been understood and now the corresponding benefits can be quantified. A formal risk management approach ensures consistency and optimal decision-support. Data management is the foundation for understanding and managing risks. This presentation discusses the new approach to risk assessment, highlighting the increasingly critical role of data management systems.

Speaker Biography

Mr. Muhlbauer is an internationally recognized authority on pipeline risk management. In this field, he is an author, lecturer, consultant, and software developer. Techniques developed by Mr. Muhlbauer are in use by the largest pipeline operators in the U.S. and in pipeline operations in many other countries. Mr. Muhlbauer is an advisor to private industry, government agencies, and academia, as well as a frequently invited speaker at industry conferences worldwide. Mr. Muhlbauer also has an extensive background in pipeline design, operations, and maintenance, having held technical and management positions in a pipeline operating company for over 13 years prior to becoming a full time pipeline risk management consultant

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W. Kent Muhlbauer, P.E.
Managing Partner
WKM Consultancy

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