2013 Presentation

Asset Visibility through Data Integrity

Access Midstream Partners (Access) views data integrity as the foundation for successful compliance, integrity, and risk efforts. Data collection, processing, and integration enable risk-based decision-making across all levels of the organization, from the workface to the board of directors.

Access utilizes data and risk-based decision-making through both a top-down and a bottom-up approach to risk management. As such, we view data as a valuable asset with inherent value which must be maintained. Data integrity is an achievement as worthwhile as asset integrity because we believe they cannot exist without each other. This truly is a paradigm shift requiring us to view data as a valued and profitable asset and not as a simple liability.

Integration provides the context for the data and why it matters to the organization. The process of integration also assists in preventing the garbage in / garbage out phenomenon which is frequently experienced when integrating externally owned data. Visualization addresses the importance of selecting the best vehicle for communicating your data to your audience. Interpretation touches on the critical topics of helping our audience understand what the data means and why it matters to them.

Access has specific examples of each step in this data process covering impact to operations, engineering, construction, design, corrosion, and integrity. For us, having a proactive approach to asset management hinges on maintaining data integrity. We have realized that the data we touch every day is utilized in making decision which results in profit or loss for the company.

Speaker Biography

Matt Bayne is a Pipeline Risk & Integrity Coordinator for Access Midstream’s operations, which includes fifteen field offices, and over 6,700 miles of pipe. Mr. Bayne is responsible for overseeing the development, planning, and execution of risk management programs.

Prior to joining Access, Mr. Bayne worked for Chesapeake Energy as an integrity engineer where he initiated proof of concept risk programs for both qualitative and quantitative risk assessment methods, created and implemented company-wide pressure testing programs, and authored numerous technical engineering and construction standards. Mr. Bayne also formerly served as a risk and integrity specialist and field engineer for ExxonMobil Pipeline Company, with responsibility for crude oil and refined products pipelines and facilities in the southern United States.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree – Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Missouri - Rolla.

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Matt Bayne
Coordinator - Pipeline Risk & Integrity
Access Midstream

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